Greenleaf Facility

NOVO currently owns and operates the Mesa Recycling Facility located in DeBeque, Colorado, through its subsidiary, Greenleaf Environmental Services, LLC (GES). This facility serves oil and gas developments on Colorado’s Western Slope.

Plasma Gasification

NOVO has entered into an agreement with PD’s subsidiary Frontier Risk Management (FRM) to construct Facilities that utilize both oil and gas waste and municipal solid waste to create synthetic gas for fuel cell processing to electrical power.  The design targets for this facility will be to manage 100-125 tons per day pf municipal solid waste processed a refuse derived fuel (RDF) plus oil and gas waste processed by Greenleaf LLC to create 27 MW of electrical power and 25,000 tons/yr of inert Plasmarok™ – obsidian-like non-leaching solids.  This process is closed loop and provides substantial value to communities interested in green technology and self-sufficiency. Patents pending for this technology combination are owned by Plasma Development.

Landfill Operation

FRM together with NOVO is evaluating the purchase of a 160 acre landfill near Grand Junction, CO that can be permitted for both waste water lagoons – 1,000,000 bbl (10 x 100,000 bbl ponds) as well as solid wastes including naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM, TENORM, Uranium Mill Tailings, Class C Radioactive Waste), Medical Waste, Oil and Gas Waste and Municipal Solid Waste.  GES proposes to use such a site in conjunction with the plasma facility and focus on niche solid waste disposal opportunities.  Discussion has been undertaken regarding the purchase of the site and with potential waste stream suppliers.