Leveraged Green Energy

Innovative Solutions for the Next Generation

Leveraged Green Energy (“LGE”) is a venture capital firm organized to create, identify, acquire and manage clean and renewable “green” energy technologies globally.

LGE has acquired an equity stake and a substantial portion of the intellectual property rights in Gasplasma®, an extremely efficient waste-to-energy technology that transforms organic waste into energy in a closed-loop, non-emitting process.  Gasplasma® produces a clean synthetic gas (syngas) that is immediately usable in gas engines fuel cells, has a documented negative carbon footprint, and which captures over 80% of the energy in the waste in usable form.

LGE has also acquired an equity interest in SOLIDpower S.p.A., an Italian-Swiss partnership that has developed and commercialized a second-generation Solid Oxide Fuel cell – that has superior efficiency and substantially lower acquisition and operating cost compared to its competitive set.

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