SOLIDpower S.p.A.

New Energy Generation

SOLIDpower’s second-generation fuel cell has succeeded in bending the energy cost curve downward, and joins a number of emerging clean technologies that bring efficiency and cost-competitiveness to the┬ápost-subsidies era.

Advantages of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

  • no need to use precious metals or exotic materials in the catalysts

  • possibility to run on a wide range of fuels, including gases generated by renewable sources (biogas, landfll gas, syngas)

  • hot exhaust gases available at ideal temperature for cogeneraton purposes

  • cost competitiveness

  • low internal resistance for high power density and electrical effciency

  • long-term durability and improved tolerance to contaminants

  • low pressure drops on both anode and cathode side

  • robust behavior with respect to thermal and current cycling conditons

  • large flexibility in stack design to match technical specifications of different applications


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