What We Do

Plasma Development LLC (PD) is a Delaware corporation founded by technologists with expertise in constructing and operating biomass refineries and waste recycling facilities serving the oil and gas industry. PD’s founders include Leveraged Green Energy, NOVO LLC, Winthrop Development, and Kingswood Partners.

NOVO owns a series of technologies that have achieved substantial commercial success in the recycling of liquid and solid wastes generated by oil and gas drilling and production.

LGE is a venture capital fund that owns controlling stakes in plasma treatment technologies – gasification of organic waste (Biomass and Hydrocarbon) to transform organic waste into a variety of engineered files meeting the US EPA Renewable Fuel Standard.

The Principals of Winthrop and Kingswood are big-project infrastructure developers with expertise in industrial development and oilfield services.

This partnership has a patent-pending process to integrate a biomass refinery with wellhead waste (solids, organics, cuttings, water) recycling into beneficial use products (BUP), “leaving nothing behind.”

NOVO currently owns and operates the Mesa Recycling Facility located in DeBeque, Colorado, through its subsidiary, Green Leaf Environmental Services, LLC (GES).  This facility serves oil and gas developments on Colorado’s Western Slope.  NOVO is working with PD to substantially expand the permitting envelope at the Mesa facility to add plasma-driven recycling of cuttings, muds, and filter socks.  This will offer an integrated recycling capability of all wellhead waste to Western Slope operators.

PD is actively working through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Frontier Risk Management, to deploy its comprehensive recycling solutions in Weld Country, CO, near the town of Greeley.  The project, known as “Rattler Ridge Recycling” will include a water and wet solid waste recycling facility, a Gasplasma® waste-to-syngas unit, and a Methanation Unit producing renewable natural gas (RNG) from the Gasplasma® syngas.  The project is currently in permitting, and PD expects to commence construction in Q1 2021, with completion in Q2 2022.  At full production, the facility will recycle 375,000 tons (2.3 million Bbl) of water, 150,000 tons of biogenic compostable waste, and 200,000 tons of wet solid oilfield waste per year. All waste received will be recycled into salable water, oil, RNG, and Plasmarok™ products.